Durante un juego de la NBA, Beyoncé pareció molestarse con una mujer que le hablaba a su esposo Jay Z y su respuesta fue darle un empujón.

De acuerdo con un clip compartido en Twitter por ESPN, la mujer conversaba con el rapero y Beyoncé no tenía la mejor expresión.

Asimismo, luego de varios segundos y su rostro de molestia, la intérprete decidió darle un ‘toque técnico’ a la mujer, que además se abalanzaba sobre ella.

El motivo de la molestia de la cantante fue una conversación entre su esposo y una mujer sentada a su lado.

Jay Z conversaba con Niciole Curran, esposa de Joe Lacob, dueño de Golden State Warriors.

La famosa pareja estuvo presente en el encuentro por las Finales de la NBA, entre Golden State Warriors y Toronto Raptors.

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«Fueron nuestros invitados anoche. ‘Como anfitriona, le ofrecí una bebida y luego a él otra; ya que no tenemos servicio de piso en nuestros juegos. Tuve que inclinarme para escuchar lo que quería. Eso es. No hay historia», declaró Curran.

Por su puesto, la reacción de los internautas al ver este video no se hizo esperar. En la publicación, los usuarios de Twitter inundaron la red de comentarios entre burlas y molestia por la reacción de la cantante.

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Y’all. I. Am. Screaming. ?????????????. Beyoncé ?? is ??all ??of us??! I cannot tell you the amount of times some dusty ass heaux has just been loitering in a convo with my boyfriend while I’m just standing there waiting awkwardly like I’m in group 17 for American Airlines and the AA employee is like, “There is no more overhead bin space left, so people in group 17 will have to check their luggage and perform elective surgery to remove a kidney in order to board this flight.” And of course @britishbaekoff is clueless – #StaceyDashForgotSheBlack – and will be like, “Oh, she’s just trying to be nice.” Bitch, no. There is a difference between somebody being friendly and someone invading my personal space, so they can try and deep sea dive on your bangers and mash. Like just peep the audacity of Courtside Caroline risking her raggedy ass life to get air time with Jay Z! First, Bey looks at the woman like, “I just be dropping whole ass albums and documentaries on the surprise, had emergency C-section to deliver my twins, but you ain’t got nothing to say to me? Oh…ok.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. The ignorance of sitting next to Beyoncé and treating her like a bowl of boiled broccoli. Second, Beyoncé’s lunge forward with the hand wave was the classic, “BITCH, I KNOW PEOPLE, TOO! LOOK!” And Courtside Caroline still ain’t get the hint. Trust & believe that when you are pushing up on someone and their significant oth is just waving at folks like they’re Ariel on a float at a Disney World parade that someone ain’t waving at shit! We are warming up our wrists in case we have to slap somebody #. Third, Beyoncé’s nudge at the end is iconic and universal because she knows the cameras are on her, so she can’t beat this heaux down, but she needs to send a message. And that message is: “Keep playing with me and grazing my clothes with your boo boo ass silk top. I have people who can find out when you live and throw out all your Lululemons and dry shampoo.” Like when are women going to learn they need to treat Jay Z like Bruce Willis in “The Sixth Sense” aka you don’t see him because he’s dead…to you? Let Bey live! She’s been thru enough. #YQY #Beyonce

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